HUM Nutrition Immune Defenders™


HUM Nutrition

HUM Nutrition Immune Defenders supports your body’s natural defenses. This set includes two different protection-enhancing supplements.


Air Patrol uses vitamin C to promote healthy skin, your body’s shield against the outside world. The vitamin C also supports our internal immune response to keep out unwanted pathogens. Here Comes the Sun empowers the immune system as well and boosts mood by using vitamin D3, a potent form of vitamin D. Together, they support the defenses of your body both inside and out.

Set Includes:

Air Patrol (30 capsules):

supports immune system, skin + lungs*

A potent vegan formula with esterified vitamin C supports both branches of the immune system, plus skin barrier and lungs

What it does

  • Boosts innate + adaptive immune responses
  • Fights free radical damage
  • Supports the skin barrier + lungs

How it works

  • Esterified vitamin C (non-acidic) helps reduce oxidative stress and damage from toxins for brighter skin
  • Citrus bioflavonoid complex helps fight free radicals and increase vitamin C’s potency

How to take

  • Take 1 capsule, daily, with or without food


Here Comes the Sun (30 softgels):

supports the immune system + boosts mood*

High-potency vegan D3 to support body + mood, no matter the season

What it does

  • Boosts mood
  • Supports healthy immune system
  • Aids calcium absorption

How it works

  • High-potency vegan D3 helps boost mood, immune system and bone health

How to take

  • Take 1 softgel, at any time, with food


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