Sole Revival Foot Kit


Simple Jane

Your toolkit to revive tired legs and feet with CBD.

Wherever life’s adventures take you, feeling good in your body is essential. We’ve bundled your mini pedicure kit including all our travel-friendly sizes of our best-selling CBD body products.


This kit includes a guide to using these products and stretch techniques designed to help you stay on your feet, pain-free on the daily! This kit contains at least 2 soak, scrub and balm uses.

Sole Revival Foot Pain Relief Kit includes travel-friendly items including & detailed instructions on how to relieve different types of foot pain with Simple Jane CBD:

(1)  4 oz. Packet CBD Foot Fizz Soak

(1) On The Mend CBD Balm

(1) 6 oz On the Mend Bath Soak & Scrub

Printed Instruction Sheet


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