Spring is here, which is a great time to cleanse. The winter can do a number on the health habits of even the most disciplined among us. It is easy (and fun!) to get caught up in the whirl of seasonal activities, only to find yourself feeling rundown and succumbing to colds and flu.

The good news: You can set yourself up for an easier, healthier summer by taking time now, in spring, for this gentle 7 Day total body cleanse.

Our Cleanse will be following the 7 day M’lis Total Body Cleanse. The addition of the M’lis Meal Replacement Shake and M’lis sipper bottle will keep your planning simple. When you purchase all three save 15%.

For participating you will receive $20 off when you schedule two or more of our detoxifying treatments in the same day: Holistic Facial, Essential Oil Detox Treatment, Detox Foot Bath, and any Massage!

Treatments enhance the cleansing process by aiding in the removal of toxins from the body, for best results schedule on days 4-7 of your 7 day cleanse.