Ingrid Thornton, Founder of Bella Soul Spa 1995, Massage Therapist since 1994

My vision for Bella Soul Spa is to educate others about natural health, wellness and beauty with a holistic approach to mind and body.  I am blessed to have an amazing staff of educated and like minded professionals who share the same approach.  As a massage therapist and former Pilates and exercise specialist I enjoy working with others to achieve their optimal level of health both physically and mentally.  I have suffered my own challenging journeys through debilitating low back and neck injuries and specialize in those areas of treatment.  My goal for you as our guest is to completely enjoy your experience at Bella Soul Spa as well as to take away tools to use on your own journey in achieving optimal health and wellness.  As our mission statement since 1995: “To nurture, support, heal and encourage one another on our own personal journeys to achieve optimal health, balance and joy.”


Lisa Marie Graham, Massage Therapist since 2001

I graduated from Spectrum School of Massage in 2001.  A desire to learn more about treating chronic pain and injury led me to becoming a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist.  My passion for health, fitness, people, the human body, and receiving massage treatments for injuries sustained from a car accident at a young age inspired me to become a massage therapist. My goal is to facilitate and promote healing, health and well being for each of our clients from both a body and mind perspective.  I love to be a part of the healing process and helping people achieve their goals.  I feel that with good communication, team work, giving a treatment plan, and self care your goals can be reached.  I use several modalities including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy/Trigger Point Therapy, Posture and Gait Analysis, Range of Motion and Stretching.  I am also trained in Stott Pilates and encourage core strength exercises as an essential part of self care.

Molly Rinesmith, Massage Therapist since 2021

I’ve been living my dream as a massage therapist since 2021. After years in the customer service and health care industry, I decided to pursue the career that has called to me since I was a teenager. I’m extremely passionate about helping anyone battling stress, chronic pain, fatigue and so many other ailments we can all struggle with. My goal is to put every client in a better place physically and mentally than when they came to me. When I’m not with clients, I love spending time with my daughter. Homeschooling, softball, soccer, 4H and heading to the beach are just a few of the things we enjoy together!

Mindy Toves, Massage Therapist Since 2006

While living in Cannon Beach, OR I sustained an injury that left my low back in intense pain. I began to receive massage and thought “Where has this been all my life!?” I was 23. Full of questions at every service my therapist suggested that I look into at as a career for myself. At that time I was serving at a conference center, doing everything from accommodations, to administrative duties, selling books in the book store and making people coffee in their café, in the summers I taught middle school kids. I was not sure what I wanted to do with my life. It took me another four years before I took the plunge and began massage school, graduating and receiving my certification in 2006. Seventeen years later and I still feel I was created to do this work. I am a healer in my nature. Going through school answered many questions I had about anatomy, physiology, biology and much more, it was like a puzzle that finally got solved. That is how I see the human body. Like one giant puzzle. I ask questions to my clients during the first few sessions as I have found, questions provide answers, and answers lead to healing. I have continued education in Sennin-so shiatsu, myofascial theory, craniosacral theory, deep tissue, and am certified in aromatherapy. I have developed my own style of massage working with holding patterns to create balance in the body. I look forward to working with you and being a part of your health and wellness goals.

LisaLi Yanhua, Massage Therapist Since 2019

I am pleased be a team member of Beal Soul Spa .  Prior to becoming a massage therapist  I was traveling the USA and cruising.  I enjoy cooking, working out at the gym, and working in my garden.


Alecia Nelson, Esthetician since 2020

I began my journey as an esthetician in 2019. After dealing with my own acne struggles I found relief through practicing preventive skincare and self care. I also love connecting with all of our incredible guests and to give them a magical experience to healthy, beautiful skin. There is nothing more rewarding than making someone feel comfortable in their own skin! When I’m not in the treatment room you can find me out on a hike, thrifting, caring for my kitties and plant babies, and practicing ALL the self care!

Stephanie Weinberger, Esthetician since 2019

Esthetics has been my passion ever since graduating from Paroba. I love helping my clients obtain their skincare goals. I believe with proper home care and the right treatment plan, anyone can have beautiful, healthy skin. I have two beautiful daughters who I love spending time with. I also enjoy taking walks with my dog and reading!

Leslie Martinez,  Esthetician since 2021

I started my esthetics journey at Evergreen Beauty College. Since then, my passion has become caring for people and helping them feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. I love connecting with clients and learning more about their lives in order to help them practically improve their skin without disrupting the routines that work best for them. Outside of the spa I enjoy spending time reading and with my family taking our boys and fur baby out for walks around the Valley.